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Gift Experiences

Delight in giving with Wheatbaker Gift Cards Monetary Gift Voucher You can purchase monetary vouchers for a specific value. Please note the minimum value is N20,000 with incremental increases of N5,000. For example, your value amount could be N20,000, N25,000, N30,000, and so on.

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Chef’s Table

Enjoy Wheatbaker’s exclusive Chef’s table experience. Be delighted in our team’s curated menu where we prepare beautiful dishes with the freshest produce, share our innovative love of delicious artisanal food. The Chef’s table can accommodate up to 10 guests.

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Social Hours

Come experience the art of connectivity from 4 pm until 6 pm every weekday. To connect like-minded forward-thinking individuals in the residential heart of Ikoyi. Where we promote a culture of open-mindedness over wine, specially crafted cocktails, paired with delicious bites

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