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Interview with Adekunle Balogun

1. What is
the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

Effective Communication, Clear Vision, Accountability, Executive
Alignment, Successful Execution, Terminations, Company Culture, Driving Inspiration
and Motivation

2. What skills do you use most often in your
leadership role?

The ability to inspire and convince others, Active listening, Empathy, the
ability to share clear messages and make complex ideas easy to understand for
everyone, Flexibility, Strategic thinking skills, Creativity.

3. What has been one of your biggest
joys as a leader?

      Being able to set direction, take risks
and make things happen and helping my team members develop, grow, and succeed

4. What’s
your favorite quote?

      “Never let the
fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

5. How do you balance life and work?

ahead to combines work activities with leisure, social or fitness activities, A
healthy lifestyle is essential to coping with stress and to achieving work-life
balance. Eat well include physical activity in your daily routine and get
enough sleep. In addition, aim to relax.

6. What would you classify as the most defining leadership behavior?

Good leaders aren’t afraid to make decisions, especially
hard ones. They avoid delaying decisions or letting their personal views
intervene. They look at things carefully, research well, try and see every
angle, and decide and then stick to it. This will directly influence employee

7. What’s something everybody in your industry should stop or start

 Stop: Ignoring your health, Stop making decisions based on
emotions, Stop quitting when it gets difficult.

 Start: Read something new every day, One Thing at a time, don’t
leave things unfinished and Communicate Effectively.

8. What are the most important qualities you look for in a future employee.
Why?        Dependability, reliability,
accountability, responsibility

Why?  Employees who take responsibility for their actions, are dependable, arrive on
time, do what they say, and don’t let the others in their team down, are highly
valued employees.

How do you encourage honest, open employee dialogue?

discussing an employee’s behavior or a decision they made, avoid judging their
behavior or the reasoning behind their decision, instead, describe what you

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

can’t change the way things are,  but you can change the way you look at things.

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