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The Wheatbaker Art Collection

Almanac Series( Ifo and Tole-tole), Charcoal, digital print and letterpress
30 x 42cm each , 2017

“I am intrigued by how the past and present coalesce. I attempt to make a statement on the future that concedes the interdependence of different moments in time. I explore these themes through painting, photography and printing, using archival materials to highlight personal stories against the
background of social and political events frozen in time and memory.

I engage the use of technology with the printing press, which I use as a metaphor for obsolete materials, transporting them into modern relevance, usurping outmoded machinery and tools such as printing cases, letterpress types, metal plates, rubber blocks and the stamping tool to generate new contemporary narratives.”

Kelani Abass
Kelani Abass

Kelani Abass